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Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

tried this at friend's house. Clicky optical switch. pretty good.

updates and repost

lots updates

created my layout.

Anything Speaker

new tech gadget, anything speaker. bluetooth, stick to a table or glass, it vibrates

Anything Speaker PRO - Turn Anything Into A Speaker - Mini Bluetooth Travel Speaker - Bone Conduction Vibration

Anything Speaker PRO 2023-03
Anything Speaker PRO Buy at amazon

Neckband Speaker

new tech.

Sony neckband speaker 2023-03 DFgjh
Sony neckband speaker Buy at amazon

someone bought Microsoft Natural Keyboard on amazon for 300. demand/supply at work.

massively revamp my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard macropad.

uhk keypad macro 2023-03-16 mPDCG
uhk keypad macro 2023-03-16 mPDCG

It has the best user interface for programing any keymap or keymacro. best, of all existing.

invasion of the china cheapo

Review: MoErgo Glove 80. Split, wireless, mechanical, and programmable ergonomic keyboard with RGB
Ben Frain
Mar 10, 2023

my comment

I like glove80's design philosophy, i.e. elegant, super light, functional, no fat, and meticulous engineering to achieve it. If a product has premium feel for the sake of it (such as matching color screws), it rather adds a negative to me. (e.g. consider a cheap Casio watch vs grandfather clock. and keyboardio with wooden body and giant octo feet) High-tech and practicality i have a heart for.

i like the g80 feet over clunky big ones. i also find the typing sound to be fine. (one critical thing is that i need light liner switches because my Repetitive Strain Injury, so i have choc pro red (30g force) installed thanks to mkultra.)

I enjoyed your review, and enjoyed and your vids on 360, moonlander, and dactyl. Thank you.

fancy new keyboard with display on each key. this is the best, if they delivers.

Got my linear light switches for Glove80 Keyboard . Truly a joy. Now i fly on it. The new switches i have is choc pro red, from mkultra [see Kailh Choc Switch]

minor updates

misc updates


misc updates

discovered this. mouse mover.

mouse jiggler 2023-02-09 jVJSt
mouse jiggler 2023-02-09 Buy at amazon

got a choc switch tester from mkultra.

minor updates.

learned a new thing from moergo guys. POM keycap. see

One of the great guy in ergo keyboard community is Jane Bernhardt, creator of gergo keyboard. She also created the gChoc, a Kailh choc switch with 20g spring.

Jane Bernhardt came across as a easy going guy but swearing a lot, but she gave me 2 keyboards for free, and also gave me $100 when i was in deep poverty. And apparently, she was also a great person in the DIY makers/startup community.

misc updates and repost


Centerpiece Keyboard from Finalmouse


Diverge Keyboard, site went dead.