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Intro to Mathematica Pattern Matching for Lisp Programers

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golang at work 2020-05-25 vw2tt
golang at work 2020-05-25

Golang: Find String (grep)
minor update

Convert Video from Different Formats
minor update

massive python code at work

Python: Find Replace in a Dir

much update on PowerShell tutorial

git Frequently Asked Questions

Copy Git Repo Dir to USB Drive

todo, work in progress

i have a git repo, of 20k small files. I need to copy it to USB drive. How do i compact the git so it's just few big files, and just copy over the .git dir?

alternative is temp move out the .git then zip the dir so i have 1 single file to copy. But, temp moving .git is tedious. also, zipping is time consuming.

I have a git repo, of tons of small files. I want to copy it to a USB drive. Only 32gb capacity. The problem is, my repo, is over 32gb. Because, having a .git double the size. Because it's the size of the .git plus the dir size. Also, transferring tons of small files is extremely slow. What i want, is some way, to make them 1 single binary file or just a few. So, i can easily copy. So far i do not have easy solution. One solution is, try to compact the git, then, copy over the git. On target i can git checkout. Second solution is, temp move the .git out. Then, either zip or tar gz the dir. This is also very tedious. Plus, either way, it's time consuming to compact git or zip/tar.gz. That's what i want to do.

Practical git in 1 Hour

git archive idiocy

The idiotic git archive command, creates a tar or zip that does not have a parent dir. You get tar bomb when you expand. Fuck the unix idiots

Git Archive

todo. review, update. work in progress

todo, work in progress

The shape of the circumflex was originally a combination of the acute and grave accents (^), as it marked a syllable contracted from two vowels: an acute-accented vowel and a non-accented vowel (all non-accented syllables in Ancient Greek were once marked with a grave accent).[2][citation needed] Later a variant similar to the tilde (~) was also used.

[2020-05-14 Wikipedia circumflex]

power syntax caret vs double asterisk 2020-05-14 3xgv5
which syntax do you prefer for power operator, circumflex or double asterisk 2020-05-14

XahTV 2020-05-11 Unix, AIX HP-UX, AU/X, Unix, Irix, Posix, Linux, Xenix, NTFS

Programing Exercise, Validate Matching Brackets todo


Xah Java Logo


History of the JavaScript script Tag

todo Great Software for Windows, Mac, Linux

my twitter xah_lee got ban'd by twitter on 2020-05-05. Thinking, quit twitter. join my xahlee discord.

misc updates

xah thanks 2020-04-29 4rgyn
xah thanks 2020-04-29

ultra master perl code, y2k.

xah perl code 2020-04-27 mvr9w
xah perl code 2020-04-27

Learn Perl in 1 Hour

worked on these pages for hours.

also, updated my unicode pages. Now font is bigger, and the popup is activated by mouse hover, and on phone it can dismissed by clicking anywhere.

random articles of the day

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random articles of the day

random articles of the day and past few days

lost in explanation: programing problem, transition of maps

Complexity and Tedium of Software Engineering

Doc by Dummies.
New navigation panel.

Why Opera Browser Sucks

OOP Dot Notation, Dot Before Data or After?
random article of the day.

Wait for wayland? lol. the unix folks been trying to fix i11 since 1980. see The X-Windows Disaster

random articles of the day

now, dedicated nav panel on the left.

HTML Validation, History and Politics

Xah Discord Artwork

unicode replacement character complexity

unicode faak 2020-04-07 gmgj2
unicode faak 2020-04-07

walk dir in perl python golang


The Idiocy of Python's Function Parameter Specification

Complexity of SVG

On Horizontal Ruler and Unicode

i also used to use this for a few years for my site

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random tech tutorial of the day:

Interactive Shell/REPL vs Notebook Interface

Python 3 in 1 Hour

all you need to know about unicode in python Python: Unicode Tutorial 🐍

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